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We invite you to explore our new release small batch spirits exclusively before anyone else! And that’s just the beginning. When you join the Spirits Club you enjoy the following perks…

As Michigan’s oldest craft distillery, St. Julian has been making premium spirits since 1998 in our Christian Carl Copper Still. Born out of a shared passion for innovative and classic flavors alike, we are excited to introduce our new Spirits Club! Through locally sourced fruits and grains, we aim to create unique and memorable products that celebrate the process and artistry of distillation. Members of the Spirits Club can expect small-batch craft releases, amazing discounts, distillers’ information, cocktail recipes, and invitations to exclusive experiences. Join us on this journey of discovery as we capture the true spirit of Michigan.

*Spirits are only available for pick up in St. Julian tasting rooms and cannot be shipped.

Join the Spirits Club

  • Priority access to new release small batch spirits. These could be unique blends, experimental batches, or special aging processes not available to the public.
  • Distiller information and tasting notes from Head Distiller Bob Bilton, the story behind every spirit, and our advice on crafting cocktails.
  • 15% discount on spirits and wine*
  • 10% discount on merchandise*
  • Complimentary tastings for 4 people (can be wine or spirits) *Limit one tasting per person per day in total (cannot be combined with other complimentary tastings)
  • Discounts on cocktails and mixology classes in the tasting rooms
  • Complimentary and exclusive Spirit 101 tasting sessions.
  • Featured monthly discount on spirit mixes, cocktail tools, etc. just for Spirits Club members.
  • Exclusive Spirits Club events at the St. Julian Winery and Distillery

*Some exclusions may apply.

How it Works
  • Each quarter (March, June, September, and December), your card on file will automatically be charged $45. This becomes a $45 credit on your account that can be applied to your spirit purchases. Think of it as your personal savings account for buying spirits.
  • For the first month of a new release spirit, members receive exclusive access to taste and purchase the newest craft offering!
  • Use your credits to purchase the exclusive new spirit release OR the spirit of your choice. Use them now or save them for a different time. Spirit credits do not expire and can be accumulated quarter to quarter. Redeem them at any time for any spirit you wish. The control is yours!
  • You may choose to cancel after your first automatic spirits club credit processes. Cancellations must be in writing to .

* Spirits are only available for pick up in the tasting rooms and cannot be shipped.

Join the Spirits Club

St. Julian Distillery History
  • 1996: St. Julian’s then cellar master, Larry Gilbert, and President, Dave Braganini, traveled to Germany to learn the art of distillation from still makers, distillers, farmers, and university educators. They tasted their way across the country, learning from the best to bring this craft back to Michigan. The Christian Carl family, the oldest still manufactures in Germany, became their mentors, willingly sharing their centuries of experience. This led David and Larry to purchase a Christian Carl Copper Column Still that was shipped back to Paw Paw. Chosen for multiple features that allow for tailoring the perfect blend of aroma and flavor, this copper and stainless still became instrumental in providing another opportunity for St. Julian to highlight and support the local farming community.   
  • 1998: As the state of Michigan’s first licensed craft distillery, we began crafting brandies aged in French Limousin Oak barrels. Brandy and Eau de Vie made from cherries, apples, grapes, peaches, pears, and blueberries were expertly produced and bottled under the St. Julian A & G Name. And so began our award-winning line of spirits. Classic and innovative products alike continued to be added, like vodka, gin, whiskey, grappa, and fruit-infused brandies.
  • 2019: Larry Gilbert retired. Working with him for 20 years, Bob Bilton took over as Cellar Master and Distiller and continues to create prized spirits, now under the St. Julian label. Bob, along with the Braganini family is excited to take St. Julian’s Spirit line to the next level.
Meet Our Distillation Team

Bob Bilton

Cellar Master & Distiller

Bob has been with St. Julian since 1995 working to produce the best wine, cider, and spirits in the state of Michigan. Working for over 20 years with distiller Larry Gilbert, and more recently with well-known distiller and consultant Rick Wyble, Bob not only continues St. Julian’s excellence, but has been instrumental in crafting new and innovative spirits. His favorite spirit to make is whiskey and his favorite spirit to drink is St. Julian Port Barrel Aged Bourbon. Bob earned his WSET Certificate for Wine & Spirits in both Level 1 & 2.


Nancie Oxley

Head Winemaker and Spirits Creative Team member

Nancie joined St. Julian in 2002 and is recognized as Michigan’s first female winemaker. Although her love for wine started during her undergraduate studies as a part of Purdue University’s grape and wine research program, over the last 20+ years she has helped push the envelope of turning so many local crops into spectacular spirits that she loves to make. She is seriously committed to St. Julian’s ability to produce Michigan grown, Michigan made world-class wines and spirits. So much so that she serves as the Treasurer of the Michigan Craft Distillers Association. Like wine, it’s hard for her to pick one favorite, but she currently sips on one of our newly crafted rosé spirits. Nancie earned her WSET Certificate for Wine Level 3 and Wine & Spirits in both Level 1 & 2.


Kyle Totkze

Winemaker and Spirits Creative Team member

Kyle joined the winery in 2016 after graduating from Michigan State University. With a long history of southwest Michigan grape growing in his family, Kyle is committed to producing wines and spirits from fruits and crops grown here in Michigan. Kyle serves on the executive board of the Michigan Grape Society. Kyle earned his WSET Certificate for Wine & Spirits in both Level 1 & 2. Anxious to get it back in the bottle, Kyle’s favorite spirit is the St. Julian Classic Gin.


Apollo Braganini II

St. Julian President and Spirits Creative Team member

As St. Julian’s President and fourth generation family member, Apollo has craft wine and spirits in his blood. He grew up around the winery, working in the tasting rooms during summers. His love of exploring new spirits ideas with the team continues to fuel new and exciting products for our club, as well as spirits offered in distribution. Apollo’s spirit of choice is St. Julian’s Centennial Bourbon.


Jackie Padilla

St. Julian Mixologist

Jackie joined St. Julian in 2018 and has been in the mixology business for over 20 + years! As Jackie takes great pride in crafting amazing cocktails using St. Julian wines and spirits and has been instrumental in the development of the Spirits Club. While her favorite spirit is St. Julian’s Bourbon, she has endless creative ways to enjoy all our spirits, existing and those yet to come! You must visit her in the Union Pier tasting room to see her in action. Her popular quarterly “Cocktail Class with Jackie” is always great fun. And as Spirits Club members, you get her expertise on all the latest spirits!