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Bulk Wine & Juice

We offer bulk red, white, rosé & fruit wines as well as cider, spirits, & juices year-round.

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Lab Services

We possess many pieces of state-of-the-art equipment to offer a complete and thorough analysis of the wines and juices we produce including an alcolyzer, densitometer, discrete analyzer, and spectrophotometer.

We can help with pre-harvest, pre- and post-fermentation, pre-bottling and quality control analyses. Our wine specialty services include testing for wine and juice chemistry.

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Private Label & Co-Packaging

Private label & co-packaging is available for specific wines and juices.

We co-pack still wines, and artificially carbonated wines.

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Custom Crush & Fermentation

We are proud to offer custom fermentation of a wide range of wines and ciders as well as custom crush methods.

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